Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mississauga Inquiry and the Group of Seven

Everyone should be accountable for their actions...

The Mayor of Mississauga should be...and so should Mississauga's now infamous Group of Seven.

So when will Carolyn Parrish and her Group of Seven be accountable and apologize to Mississauga taxpayers for the $7 Million spent on the Inquiry?

There is a cost for democracy. Most people would agree.

What the taxpayers will have trouble with is the fact that the Group of Seven sold this inquiry to the public with an estimated cost of $2.5 million.

By mid summer the cost went to $5 million. 

Last week they added an additional $2 million.

So now the total sits at $7 million.

If this was a city contract and the contractor overspent by 180% heads would roll! 

These same Councillors would fire the contractor!

The only two explanations I can come up with are:

1) The Group of Seven are the perhaps the worst budget forecasters in Mississauga. If so, they are clearly not competent to sit as Councillors nor should they be involved in the city budget process
2) The Group of Seven led by Parrish perhaps low-balled the estimate in order to sell the inquiry. Once the motion passed there was no oversight...so they let the cost skyrocket in their zeal to go after the Mayor.
    Either way the Group of Seven owe Mississauga taxpayers an apology...and Mississauga taxpayers should demand it!

    Can't you just hear Michael Moore now...standing in front of City Hall...
    Hello...its a Mississauga Taxpayer here...AND I WANT OUR MONEY BACK! 


    1. You have correctly framed the ballot question for Mississauga voters: "Do we want these hooligans to keep wasting our money?"

      The answer should be a resounding "No"

      Check the alternative in your ward and vote No to "all the above"...

    2. The reality is worse than you describe. Parrish is the effective Mayor of the city through her promises and/or threats to the others in the gang of seven. Someone not elected as Mayor controls council. She has spent several million more than you detail on investigations into enersource, borelis, every councillor legal fee etc. Council is dysfunctional. City staff are neutered. All of this to discourage a great Mayor from running or trying to get rid of her, a huge witch hunt is on because Parrish knows she can't beat her at the polls.

      The problem is that the electors don't know who the gang of seven is, would be shocked if they knew their local councillor was in bed with Carolyn, and the challengers are splitting the vote. So if voters don't coalesce around a few of the Hazel supporting challengers, like Tovey, Mendes, Del Rosario, and obviously Starr, the next four years are going to be hell for McCallion and for all of Mississauga.

      Parrish as effective or actual Mayor - perish the thought.

    3. Which councillors are in the group of seven?

    4. Carmen Corbassin, Frank Dale, Eve Adams, Carolyn Parrish, George Carlson, Nando Iannicca, Sue McFadden (still the federal Conservative candidate of record I believe).

    5. The Group of Seven
      Carolyn Parrish
      Nando Iannicca
      Carmen Corbasson
      frank Dale
      eve Adams
      Sue McFadden
      George Carlson
      NOT WANTED: Councillors that answer to Carolyn Parrish before Mississauga taxpayers
      NOT WANTED: Councillors that wasted $7 Million of your hard earned tax dollars !!!
      Wanted: Councillors that will put Mississauga taxpayers first!